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Unfortunately, the disability system in Ireland is a shambles. Waiting lists are years long and often jobs are left vacant for months. Most parents turn to private therapy to help their child which can soon start to add up. The cost of therapy sessions vary from therapist to therapist but unless you are getting a great deal from your therapist then it is definitely worth taking out the VHI company plan extra level 2.

I have researching several insurers and plans and this one is definitely the best when it comes to therapy. It’s costs €35-40 per month for a child and you can claim back 75% of therapies up to €4000 a year!

Which means if you are paying €100 a week for therapy, instead of €400 a month, it would cost you €140 (including the monthly cost of the policy). Obviously you also have all the added benefits of the insurance policy like hospital covers, etc.

As therapy is considered a day to day expense there is no wait time. Meaning you can claim therapy costs from the day your plan starts! It’s really easy to do on their app under the snap and send tab. Basically take a picture of your receipt and upload it and they will refund you 75% within a few days.

As with everything on here I can only talk about my personal experience and research I’ve carried out but the agents on the phone are very helpful and can answer any questions you have. I do know that all therapist who are registered with CORU are accepted, having/not having a diagnosis doesn’t effect taking out the policy and you can claim therapy costs from the day the policy starts. Likewise, certain therapies have lower benefits, like psychology is only €40 per session with a max twelves sessions (SLT & OT are 75%) and it’s hit or miss if they pay towards assessment costs.

Here is the link to the full table of benefits for the VHI company plan extra level 2 for you to check yourself

(This post is in noway affiliated with VHI or any other insurance company)

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